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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Group of up to 30 teens run riot in Yarraville Park

An ‘out of control’ group of up to 30 teenagers caused havoc in Melbourne’s west on Saturday night.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File questioned on Monday whether there had been trouble at a Yarraville park.

On Tuesday, one local confirmed those reports.

Chelsea Miller told 3AW Breakfast she was about to go to bed shortly after 11pm when she heard noise coming from a nearby park.

She looked outside and saw a massive group of teenagers.

‘They were just drinking, being loud and being teenagers, basically,’ she explained.

But then Chelsea started to smell paint.

And that’s when things got ugly.

‘They just went wild,’ she said.

Chelsea said the group started jumping on cars, spraying graffiti on buildings, urinating and smashing bottles.

There was also a fight.

‘These kids were just out of control,’ Chelsea said.

She said she rang police three times but they were too busy to attend.


‘Police attended Yarraville Railway Station on Saturday night following reports of a brawl between two groups of youths.

‘Police arrived and observed a large group of youths in the vicinity of the station however there was no fight at 11.30pm.

‘They were spoken to by police before being moved on.

‘No assaults or injuries were reported to and no complaints were made to attending police.’

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