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Rumour confirmed: Reporter is fed wine in a snap lock bag after being locked in toilet for two hours

A Melbourne TV reporter had to be rescued by police after being locked in the toilet at his home for more than two hours on Saturday night.

In a genius move by his partner, she slipped him red wine under the door in a zip-lock bag, along with some cheese and biscuits to keep him sustained while they waited to be rescued!

Nick Coe, from The Project, later told Ross and John he was in the tiny room for about two and a half hours while they waited for firefighters or police to arrive.

“It’s been a ripper of a weekend for me,” he said.

“It’s a very small toilet, I shut the door behind me as you do.

“When I turned around to open the door the knob basically fell off in my hand.

“My darling partner Jo is very resourceful, she managed to put half a glass of red wine into a snap lock plastic bag, pushed it under the very small gap in the bottom of the door, followed by a slurpee straw.

“Then as time went on I got a bit hungry so she cut up some cheese and biscuits did the same thing with a snap lock bag.”

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