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Rumour File: Update on the whereabouts of Bruno the stolen Staffy

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A heartbroken family who had their pet dog stolen from a kennel in Melbourne’s outer east last month has finally had their beloved pooch returned to them.

On November 14 The Rumour File heard the family was returning from holidays and went to pick up their dog from a boarding kennel, only to find out it had been stolen the previous day.

Ross and John spoke to Jessica at the time, who confirmed Bruno, the four-year-old Sharpei X Staffy, was in the care of Animal Aid located in Coldstream when stolen in the early hours of November 9.

Today, Jessica told had some good news.

“Thankfully someone spotted him, Victoria Police checked it out and thankfully now he’s back home with us,” Jessica said.

“He was found at a residential address.

“Police are still questioning the people involved.”

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Jessica said Bruno was found at a house “within about 50km of where he was taken”.

She thanked 3AW listeners for helping to bring Bruno back to her.

“Thank you guys for all your help, and to all the listeners for their support and for sharing the photos of Bruno,” Jessica said.

“Without everyone involved we really wouldn’t have got Bruno home safely.”

“Happy and rather extraordinary result!” Ross said.