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‘Safe to occupy’: Planning minister says MCG safe despite arson fears

Victoria’s Minister for Planning has conceded the MCG is a potential arson risk, but maintains it is perfectly safe to attend.

Despite containing some flammable cladding, Planning Minister Richard Wynne says the MCG along with Kardinia Park and Marvel Stadium are “safe to occupy”.

But he says the government won’t tell the public which other buildings contain cladding, because of the arson risk.

NEIL MITCHELL: “Are you now saying these three stadiums are arson risks?”
RICHARD WYNNE: “No, what I’m saying to you, in answering your question, we act on the advice of the emergency services.”
NM: “Yeah but you say you won’t name them…”
RW: “Well they’ve been revealed Neil, I mean…”
NM: “Yeah, but are you now saying therefore because they’ve been revealed they’re an arson risk?”
RW: “Well I can only, again, repeat what the advice that we have from the emergency services.”
NM: “And that is, if revealed, they are a potential arson risk?”
RW: “Well potentially yes.”

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Neil Mitchell first revealed in August there were cladding concerns about the MCG, before outlining issues at Kardinia Park last month.

Photo credit: Diana Nice / EyeEm

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