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Saints comfortable with Carlisle outburst


St Kilda’s footy boss has hosed down concerns about Jake Carlisle’s onfield outburst.

The Saint defender was demonstrably frustrated during Saturday night’s defeat to Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, which drew criticism from Cameron Ling.

But the club’s football manager Simon Lethlean told 3AW Football it’s more complicated than it may look.

“I’m not as definitive as commentators on the spot that want to make headlines are,” he said.

“The fact that Jake’s frustrated is a good thing.”

Lethlean said CarlisleĀ could stand to “channel his energies” in a more constructive way.

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But Cameron Ling stood by his comment.

Lingy told 3AW Football it was poor form for Carlisle to let his mind wander from the task at hand.

“The ball was only a couple of metres away,” Lingy said.

“Go back and win it. Go put a block on for a teammate. Call for a handball receive. Lay a tackle.”

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Photo: Julian Smith / AAP