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Schwarz ‘disappointed’ by Dangerfield comments on gambling counsellor

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Former Melbourne legend David Schwarz says he was left disappointed by Patrick Dangerfield’s comments on gambling counsellor Jan Beames.

Dangerfield told 3AW on Saturday Beames was a ‘disgruntled’ person and one the AFL Players’ Association wasn’t going to endorse.

The comments come after a Herald Sun report detailed the struggles some players in the AFL are having with gambling.

Schwarz, who is now a reformed gambling addict, said counsellors like Beames were there to help players, even if they’re not accredited psychologists.

“I have refereed a lot of people to Jan and she knows what she’s talking about,” he said on 3AW Football.

“She gets results – I think the players association calling her disgruntled is really unfair and quite nasty.

Schwarz said it was important to be able to offer help to players affected by gambling issues, regardless of whether the person in question was accredited.

“It’s about trying to help and put out a net to help as many players and people realise why they’re doing it and how they’re doing it,” he said.

“If someone asked me for help, I’m going to help them.

“Patrick I’m sorry, I’m going to put my hand up and help them out.”

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