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SEASON OVER: Andrew Gaff cops hefty suspension for sickening punch

Andrew Gaff won’t play again this season.

He’s been handed an eight-game suspension for his shocking punch on Andrew Brayshaw that left the Fremantle youngster with a broken jaw and damaged teeth.

The West Coast star pleaded guilty to intentionally striking Brayshaw at the tribunal in Melbourne on Tuesday night.

However, he told the panel he meant to hit Brayshaw in the chest.

“I feel sick that I hit Andrew in the face,” Gaff said.

The AFL’s legal counsel pushed for a ban between 8 and 12 games.

The case was heard by Ross Howie (chairman), Wayne Henwood, David Neitz and Shane Wakelin, who settled on the eight-game penalty.

Fremantle’s doctor told the tribunal Brayshaw had suffered extensive dental damage and potentially needed three of his teeth replaced with implants.

It’s the first time Gaff has been suspended in his career.