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Shaun Higgins shares Shaw’s pep talk that turned the game around

Last night North had a dismal first term, but Shaun Higgins says it soon turned around after Rhyce Shaw addressed the group at quarter time.

The North star claims the young coach has brought a new energy to the club and it has the boys excited.

“The first quarter wasn’t great viewing, but we picked it up at quarter time,” said Higgins.

“Rhyce spoke to us and it was actually the opposite of what you might have thought, he said ‘Lets just relax and go back to the way that we prepared at quarter time’.

“He said, ‘what happened in that first quarter is gone and lets get back to playing our football’.

“We took a couple of big deep breaths and moved on.

“I think it put us at ease.”

Higgins shared that despite a big month, Rhyce has remained a positive influence on the club.

“There is something about his calmness and his energy that gets the boys going,” said Higgins.

“It’s been a big month for Rhyce, he’s had constant pressure on and around whether he would be coach, he’s handled himself really well.

Higgins has had another magnificent season, unfortunately is has been punctured by a shoulder injury that might just deprive him of a third straight best and fairest.

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