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‘She had the best laugh’: Fellow comic remembers his friend Eurydice Dixon

A fellow comedian who was with Eurydice Dixon the night she was killed has told 3AW Drive about his ‘bubbly and unique’ friend.

Blaise White, was with Ms Dixon on Tuesday night, where they performed a gig together at the Highlander Bar.

“I gave Eurydice a hug about 10.30 on Tuesday night and told her I’d see her next Tuesday,” Blaise told Tom Elliott.

“It’s just shocking that she won’t be there.”

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“She had the best laugh, man she was a comic’s best friend even when your joke didn’t go well,” Blaise said.

“She was just so unique, her creative comedic mind was so different.”

Ms Dixon was walking home when she was allegedly attacked by 19-year-old Jaymes Todd, who appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today, charged with rape and murder.

The Magistrate ruled that images of Todd be suppressed.

He’ll appear in court again on October 3.

Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies told Tom Elliott it was tragedy her family would live with for the rest of their lives.

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