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Sly: Lauren Southern event organisers should cough up $67k for Victoria Police

Sly of the Underworld says commercial event organisers should not treat police like “a private bouncer service” as the company behind ring-wing commentator Lauren Southern refuses to pay its hefty bill from Victoria Police.

Police slapped Axiomatic Events with a $67,842 bill for the protest in July, where conservatives Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern spoke in Somerton.

The company director refuted that’s “what the public pay the police for” and that he would fight the bill all the way to the High Court.

“There have been some who have seen this as an attack on free speech,” Sly said.

“This is a commercial venture, it’s done for profit.

“Southern and her people deliberately created as much controversy as possible to generate ticket sales.

“On commercial ventures police routinely charge for their presence.

“They’re not a private bouncer service.

“The AFL, the Grand Prix, Pride March – they all pay.”

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“I’ll make a prediction for you,” Ross said.

“Victoria Police will never see once cent of that money.”