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SLY: Two reasons why police deserve more than a two per cent pay rise

Sly of the underworld

The government and the police union are locked in an industrial dispute over pay rates, with the government offering a two per cent pay rise, but police demanding four per cent.

Sly of the Underworld weighed in on the pay dispute, in favour of the police.

“These things are based on productivity and the Victoria Police operational job has changed markedly,” he told 3AW’s Kate and Quarters.

Sly said two big changes to expectations put on police prove they deserve a bigger pay rise than the government is currently offering.

  1. The hostile vehicle policy

“Police are expected to take on people who are trying to use their vehicles as a weapon. That means that they are to ram the cars. This is extremely dangerous to do this with possibly armed offenders,” Sly said

2. The active armed offenders rules

“The first police at a scene, where there is a gunman who may have a high powered weapon, you are expected to engage,” Sly said.

“For the first time in Victoria Police history there is an expectation of extraordinary heroism!

“We’re basically saying: we expect you, if necessary, to die.

“If that’s not worth more than a ratty two per cent I’ll dress as Santa and dance to Moondance!”

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Sly of the underworld