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St Kilda footy boss speaks out after Saturday’s ‘disappointing’ flogging

St Kilda’s footy boss says the scrutiny on coach Alan Richardson is fair enough and they are not about to shy away from questioning.

The Saints were thrown to the Lions last night after they suffered a 56 point flogging from Brisbane.

After the teams poor performance questions quickly began to circulate about Richardson’s future in the top spot at the club.

Simon Lethlean joined 3AW’s Sunday Sport where he said the Saint’s performance left him feeling concerned about the playing groups effort last night.

“When you perform that way the scrutiny comes, we won’t shy away from answering the questions,” said Lethlean.

“Unfortunately it’s the coach who bears the brunt of it all.

“Alan is our coach and if we keep improving, Alan will remain our coach.”

“I don’t think coaches are moved on or finalised based on one performance.

“Certainly, a lack of improvement or a regression in how the team and players are responding ends up being a deciding factor.”

Lethlean shared that players felt equally responsible for the lack of effort on the night.

“Jarryn Geary grabbed the playing group, Richo and couple of us straight after the game and put it on us,” said Lethlean.

“He said it was not good enough and not what our group was heading towards.”

Lethlean said he has been transparent with Richardson and he understands his role at St Kilda.

“Wins and losses are what everyone is judge on in the end.

“The scrutiny is fair enough and our response is what dictates where the scrutiny goes.

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