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Stefanovic conversation: Second story to do more damage

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A gossip magazine has published the details of the much-discussed conversation between Karl and Peter Stefanovic, the brothers allegedly taking aim at co-workers and Nine executives.

As Pete Ford said late last week, New Idea has spoken with the Uber driver who has reportedly remembered all the details of the phone call between the pair.

Pete told 3AW Breakfast Georgie Gardner and Richard Wilkins are mentioned, but a second story has been published which will hurt the brothers’ reputations even more.

“They’re not saying that she’s (Georgie) a horrible person, but Karl is saying allegedly, that she’s got to lift her game, she’s got to step up, she’s a fence sitter and if she wants to survive and so it goes on like that,” Pete said.

“Karl was living at Richard’s place when his marriage broke up so it won’t be well received that Karl is quoted as saying he should be doing the big celebrity interviews not Richard.”

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“Is it damaging?” Ross asked.

“Yes, very much so. What will sting most, is not the New Idea article but another that appears in The Australian today,” Pete added.

“New Idea obviously thought these names don’t mean anything to our readers so we won’t include them, but The Australian does include some names.

“Also the claim by Karl that he said that 60 Minutes has lost its relevance.”

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