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Summer snow: Victoria’s weather has completely lost the plot

The second day of summer has brought snow as Victoria shivers through the start of December.

3AW Breakfast listener Peter Nugent sent Ross and John the above photo of his son’s car blanketed in white following overnight snow on Mount Buller.

At Ballarat (5.5°), the feels-like temperature dipped to a freezing -1.7° at 8.30am.

The Department of Transport told Ross and John the Bogong High Plains Road was closed this morning because of snow across on the road — barely a week after it was closed due to fires in the area.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the CBD is set for a top of only 15° with steady showers and possible “small hail”, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, especially in the south-eastern suburbs.

The city can expect underwhelming temperatures for the rest of the working week before something resembling summer emerges at the weekend.