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The aspect of Adelaide’s review that’s left Caroline Wilson ‘absolutely staggered’

Caroline Wilson says she’s “staggered” by the lack of accountability key officials at Adelaide have faced over the controversial pre-season camp that continues to dog the club.

Scott Camporeale and Brett Burton have both left the Crows following the conclusion of an independent review, with Caroline Wilson saying the latter was “very, very unhappy” about “carrying the can” for what took place.

“And the CEO and football director have escaped scot-free,” she said.

“I find it extraordinary.”

But it didn’t stop there, with Caroline Wilson also condemning both the AFL and AFLPA for how they handled the situation.

“The more I hear about the camp… I’ve spoken to a few Adelaide players in the last few weeks and some of the things I’ve heard are just absolutely shocking,” she said.

“And not stuff we’ve already heard.”

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