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‘The baby’s fine, mum’s fine and grandma’s surviving!’: Moira’s Triple Zero call

The Neil Mitchell program has received the audio of the desperate call between Grandma Moira and Triple Zero operator Kathleen as Moira’s grandson made an unexpected entrance into the world.

Moira Patten contacted 3AW Mornings because she wanted to thank the Triple Zero call taker who guided her through the delivery of Theo, who arrived in the middle of the night, outside on the footpath.

TRIPLE ZERO: What part of the baby can you see?

MOIRA: The head’s out! The head’s out!

TRIPLE ZERO: Listen carefully, gently wipe off the baby’s mouth and nose.

MOIRA: We’ve got him, we’ve got him! The baby’s fine, Mum’s fine, Dad’s alright and Grandma’s surviving.

TRIPLE ZERO: You’ve done so well, congratulations, I’m sure it’s not what you expected.

Click PLAY below to hear the Triple Zero call