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The device a Melbourne dad hopes will stop parents leaving kids in the back seat

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Despite countless campaigns warning parents of the dangers of leaving their children locked in car, it’s still happening.

Tragically, a 14-month-old baby is fighting for life in hospital after being left in a car at Point Cook yesterday.

But a Melbourne dad has invented a device he hopes will stop future tragedies by ensuring parents don’t accidentally leave their kids in hot cars.

Known as the Clever Elly, it plugs into the cigarette light port and plays a verbal reminder to check the back seat whenever the car is turned off.

Andrew Orkin, one of the minds behind the Clever Elly, told 3AW’s Dee Dee Dunleavy the idea came to him after a close call with his own son.

“When I first heard about [parents leaving children in cars], my first reaction was how could you ever forget a child?” he said.

“But then I started catching myself on how often I don’t pay attention while driving.

“Once I was really involved in a phone call with the office, I heard a noise in the back seat and it really stunned me that I almost forgot my son because mentally I was driving to work.”

Mr Orkin says the goal of the Clever Elly is to get people in the habit of checking the back seat.

“Ultimately whatever you have in the back seat, even laptops and groceries, it’s a good habit to check the back seat before you get out.”

The Clever Elly also doubles as a USB charger and features several different sayings so users don’t get too accustomed to the message.

Mr Orkin hopes his invention will be a game-changer in the automotive world.

“We’re trying to show automakers this is the kind of warning technology that’s really simple and you can build it into all cars.”

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