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The fake gay Christian with seven kids who avoided deportation anyway

A heterosexual Muslim man who appealed deportation by lying about being a gay Christian has won the right to the stay in Australia.

That’s the latest bizarre tale to emerge from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which found that the Iraqi man was lying, but still decided to overturn Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s over to deport him.

“It does seem the AAT is the gift that keeps on giving,” the Herald Sun reporter following the story, Keith Moor, told Ross and John this morning.

“(There was) no evidence of Christianity, no evidence of homosexuality. He was married twice and has at least seven kids.

“As I was reading I thought ‘There’s no way this bloke will be able to stay’.

“The only reason he’s able to stay is he does have some health issues and … he wouldn’t be able to get the proper treatment in Iraq.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I’m not sure that’s our fault.”

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