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The injection that may have cost Daniel Menzel his career

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Daniel Menzel would not have been axed by Geelong had an injection for a groin injury not gone “haywire” earlier in the year, says Jon Anderson.

The Herald Sun sports reporter said the injection, which sidelined Menzel from rounds 6 to 16 after a brilliant start to the season, clearly hampered the livewire forward.

“That’s probably the thing I’m most disappointed about,” Ando said.

“He was going so well in those first five rounds and then he was given an injection that went haywire.

“I’m still not sure if anybody knows what exactly happened.”

The decision has been met with fierce backlash from footy fans.

“It’s an incredibly emotive decision, that one,” Ando said on 3AW Breakfast.

Menzel had his career cut down by multiple knee reconstructions.

“Daniel Menzel was going to be a total and utter star of the game – he’s an extraordinary footballer, don’t worry about that,” Ando said.

“He’s been reduced and cut down by four knee reconstructions.”

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