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The moment Neil Mitchell realised the Premier needs a day off

Premier Daniel Andrews needs a day off, for us and for him, Neil Mitchell said this morning.

Mr Andrews is working long hours and taken on the job of daily coronavirus briefings, pushing aside Health Minister Jenny Mikakos, who has unimpressed most observers in press conferences.

But on Sunday, as the Premier announced perhaps the most deflating set of numbers yet, Neil Mitchell saw signs that the Premier needed to given himself a break.

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“Daniel Andrews needs a break,” Neil said on Monday. “Perhaps just 24 hours or so, but he needs a break.”

“He looked exhausted and he seemed emotional when talking about the death toll, which is fair enough — that’s not like him in public.

“He can’t afford to run himself into the ground.

“He needs to take a break and find someone to step up.

“Bring in someone like James Merlino or Lisa Neville — not Jenny Mikakos, please.”