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The concerning trend observed at shopping centre COVID-19 testing hubs

Australia’s largest private sector union says there’s a big problem with how Victorians are using COVID-19 testing stations at shopping centres and it’s putting public health at risk.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA) has written a letter to government authorities highlighting the union’s concern about the number of people going inside shopping centres to make purchases on the same day as they are tested.

National secretary of SDA, Gerard Dwyer, said the conduct is concerning, given only those with coronavirus symptoms are being tested and anyone with symptoms has been asked to stay home.

“What we observed on the weekend was approximately 50 per cent of members of the public who got tested had either just been shopping, or after being tested then went shopping,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“If you’ve got symptoms, or you’re worried about where you’ve been and who you’ve been in contact with, which then points you to the fact you need to be tested … have the test and as per public health authority directions go home and wait for the results!

“This is a health risk for retail workers.

“It’s actually a health risk for the whole community.

“We need to get it right in the centres if we are going to successfully get through this without having a second wave.”

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