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Not the terrine, probably the relish: Investigation into MCG mass illness inconclusive

An investigation into what caused mass illness among diners at an MCG corporate lunch ahead of the Anzac Day clash has wrapped up.

Footy fans passed out in the stands and paramedics treated dozens more after violent gastro broke out at the swanky Essendon President’s lunch.

Dr Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer, told Neil Mitchell the barberry, quince and fig jam relish served alongside the terrine, not the terrine itself, was the likely cause of the wave of gastro.

“The signal from the relish was extremely strong, so we think the relish was probably the thing,” he said.

But health authorities have not been able to identify the toxin which caused the illness.

“It remains a bit of a mystery,” Dr Sutton said.

The Chief Health Officer came to the conclusion after testing samples of the terrine and the ingredients used to make the relish, and interviewing more than 100 guests and staff who attended the event.

The MCC says additional precautionary measures have been implemented since the incident and food items associated with the entree served at the function haven’t been served at the MCG since the incident.

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Not the terrine: Plot thickens in MCG mass illness mystery