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The ‘terrible misjudgments’ at North Melbourne which Caro says have led to Scott’s demise

Caroline Wilson says North Melbourne have made several “terrible misjudgments” in the last two years which has ultimately let to Brad Scott’s downfall.

Her comments come as Scott prepares to coach what could be his last game at the helm of the club.

Caro told 3AW Football she expects a press conference to be called in the coming days to confirm the news.

“It will be a very amicable farewell press conference for Brad Scott,” she said.

“My view is no one behaved appallingly but there has been a terrible series of misjudgments over the last two years.

“I think there’s been a bit of a loss of faith from Brad Scott in the club and vice-versa.”

Caro said North Melbourne will look to target Sydney coach John Longmire as Scott’s successor.

“He’s the man that North Melbourne will probably be chasing above all others,” he said.

“To lose (last week in Tasmania) to the youngest Sydney team since 1997 without Buddy or Kennedy, that was when the board said this has got to sort of end now.

“They were worried they were going to lose 5,000 fans at the next home game, there was a commercial consideration here too.”

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