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‘They knew on the night’: Inflation nightclub owner says police knew the gun that sparked shooting was a toy

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The owner of the King Street nightclub where police shot a couple engaged in a sex act in 2017 says many questions remain about what really happened that night.

Martha Tsamis, owner of Inflation nightclub, says police were told the gun held by victim Dale Erwins was a toy before the shooting occurred.

“Our security … said it was a plastic toy. He had touched it, he had seen it and he was prepared to go and get it. He was prepared to even stand in front of the plastic toy!,” Ms Tsamis told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“They realised on the night because they kept saying ‘plastic toy’.

“There was no question.”

Ms Tsimas is calling for an independent investigation into the shooting.

She says shooting victims Zita Sukys and her then-partner Dale Erwins deserve answers, and so does the public.

“They weren’t telling the public the truth, so what does that equate to? Why wouldn’t you say it was a plastic toy on the night?,” she said.

“What investigation has taken place for the people that actioned the shooting, did the shooting, and then everything that happened after the shooting?

“The only way you force change is by publicly saying ‘we need answers’.

“How do we know that they are improving on anything?”

The Age reports that Victoria Police yesterday agreed to a $3 million settlement for the victims.

Ms Tsamis said she has received a settlement payment, but did not reveal the sum.

Victoria Police refused a request to be interviewed on air. 3AW Mornings has submitted a written request for information.

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Victoria Police pays Inflation nightclub victims millions


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