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“They’ll kill again”: Former homicide cop pleads with public for information

One of Victoria’s most successful homicide detectives has pleaded with anyone who might have information about Aiia Maasarwe’s murderer to come forward, in fear the person or persons might offend again.

Charlie Bezzina told Ross and John detectives need to public’s help to catch the perpetrator.

“This person or persons have killed and they’ll kill again,” Charlie said.

“These offenders clearly live with someone, they need to dig into their memory and say who was wearing that.

“Look at the people around them that are acting differently, they’re going to be on edge.

“Knowledge is a very serious thing to have.

“Ultimately it’s imperative that these people who have some knowledge of some sort dig into their hearts and say well I need to make a phone call to Crimestoppers and assist police.

“That’s where the break is going to come.”

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