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‘This is just ridiculous, it’s pathetic’: Councillor slams Moreland Council after meat ban

An inner Melbourne Greens-led council has voted to stop serving meat at events held on Mondays.

Moreland City Council made the decision at a meeting late last night.

Meat dishes will be banned at all council events held on Mondays, including meals during councillor briefings.

Councillor Oscar Yildiz, who voted against the meat ban, said it’s “pathetic”.

“This is just ridiculous,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“We finish work at 5.30pm, we get to council. It’s not exactly an a la carte sort of dinner, we don’t get silver service, there’s no grog. You’re lucky to get four choices.

“What, are they soon going to force us to not wear certain clothes made in certain countries?”

The council declared a climate emergency earlier this year, but Cr Yildiz says they should focus on local issues.

“We’ve got bigger issues to focus on… like the recycling,” he said.

“This is just them chipping away gradually at things, and this is what they do.

“They’re trying to get rid of parking down Sydney Road.

“They’ll just do a trial and then say ‘you know what, we surveyed three people and 95 per cent of them said yes, so let’s get rid of parking on Sydney Road!”

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