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‘This is on Gobbo and Victoria Police — not the media’: leading lawyer

Leading media lawyer Justin Quill, whose Macpherson Kelley firm played a leading role in having the suppression orders lifted, believes “it is undoubted” Nicola Gobbo’s “life is at risk”.

But not more so than last week.

Nicola Gobbo can now be revealed as the gangland lawyer and police informer, Lawyer X.

Lawyer X identified: Victoria’s big secret revealed

“The question, I think, really is: If someone’s going to analyse the identification of her today, whether that (risk) has increased,” Mr Quill told Tom Elliott.

“My suggestion would be that it hasn’t increased.

“She’s already at risk, she’s going to remain at risk a long time. That’s because of what she did and what Victoria Police did, not because of what the media did.

“The onus now falls back on Victoria Police; they’re the ones that created this nightmare situation.

“They are the ones now that have to do their job and ensure Nicola Gobbo remains safe.”

Mr Quill also told Tom Elliott:

  • Why he’s embarrassed of Victoria
  • Why he doesn’t feel sorry for Ms Gobbo

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