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Tim Lane delivers stinging editorial directed at AFL after controversial week in footy

Tim Lane says Collingwood forward Jaidyn Stephenson’s betting ban was “AFL-style justice” as part of a stinging editorial directed at the league.

Tim said the decision to ban the teenager for 22 weeks (12 suspended) and hand him a $20,000 fine typified the AFL’s way of secretly dealing with these issues.

“He was found guilty and allocated a punishment with absolutely no openness or transparency of process,” he said on 3AW Football.

“The case was brought to public attention only when the league boss Gillon McLachlan faced media questions on the issue of crowd management and behavioural awareness officers.

“There are dots that can joined between these two separate issues.

“Over the last two Friday’s when Neil Mitchell questioned McLachlan on the treatment of  Carlton fan ‘Frankie’, his version of events changed.

“This is the problem with justice without process, it doesn’t breed trust. In fact it does the opposite.

“So while the AFL is proclaiming its role as a community leader, it’s almost displaying a contempt for transparency and openness totally at odds with such a self-aggrandising rhetoric.

“Perhaps the AFL might ponder than community leadership is not meant to be easy, for as they also have done and always will do, actions speak louder than words.”

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