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Tom Elliott and what Daniel Andrews ‘doesn’t realise’

Tom Elliott says Daniel Andrews seems “determined to punish Victorians” to try and make up for his own failings with hotel quarantine.

And Tom fears it may “destroy” the state as we know it.

The 3AW Drive host was left angered by Sunday’s “roadmap” to recovery announced by the Premier.

“A lot of people watched that press conference expecting to be given some hope, some good news, a path out of the lockdown,” Tom Elliott said.

“Instead? What we really got were threats.”

And Tom’s got a theory as to why.

“The reason Daniel Andrews seems determined to punish Victorians is because he knows he stuffed up,” he said.

“He knows his government, the best part of six months ago, stuffed up with hotel quarantine.

“It’s increasingly becoming apparent that nobody was in charge of that shambolic system.

“Everybody is pointing the finger at each other, no government minister has put up their hand and said ‘I am responsible’ for this.”

He said the government seemed determined to try and eradicate the coronavirus, which was destined to fail and would come at a cost.

“What he does not realise is that by suppressing everything else is that he will destroy everything he hopes to preserve – a successful, functioning, vibrant state of Victoria,” Tom Elliott said.

“It shows so little understanding of how things work in the real world, it is beyond comprehension.”

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