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Tom Elliott hits out at Barnaby Joyce over ‘appalling’ comment about NSW bushfires

Tom Elliott has criticised Barnaby Joyce for suggesting two people who died in the NSW bushfires “most likely” voted for the Greens.

The 3AW Drive host said it was an “appalling” comment to make.

The former National Party leader made the suggestion while on Sky News on Tuesday morning.

“Now, Mr Joyce, you may not like the Greens, you may not think much of people who vote for them, but these two people have died,” Tom Elliott said on Tuesday.

“Who cares who they voted for? What’s important here is that they’re no longer with us – they’re dead.

“They’ll have grieving friends and relatives.

“I think commenting on people’s political persuasions after they’ve just died in a natural catastrophe is appalling.”

3AW Drive has contacted Mr Joyce’s office for comment.

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