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Tom Elliott not surprised by “oversensitive” reaction to Serena Williams cartoon

Tom Elliott says there a big difference in the sense of humour between Australia and United States and those differences are behind the cultural storm surrounding Mark Knight’s cartoon of Serena Williams.

The 3AW Drive host previously lived in America, as well as the United Kingdom.

“I know a lot of Americans – they don’t laugh at the same things we do,” he said.

“They find our directness, our bluntness, very hard to handle.

“They don’t often understand the nicknames we give each other, they think it’s somehow rude and shouldn’t be laughed at.”

Tom said he wasn’t surprised by the reaction to the cartoon in America.

“The Americans are so oversensitive about everything, they are so politically correct and are obsessed with differences in race and historical injustices,” he said.

“They can’t take a joke anymore.”

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