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Tom Elliott responds to Lauren Southern being sent bill from Victoria Police

Tom Elliott says controversial right-wing commentator Lauren Southern shouldn’t have to pay for the bad behaviour of potential protesters.

Ms Southern, who spoke with Tom Elliott on Thursday, has reportedly been sent a bill of almost $70,000 in advance from Victoria Police.

The 23-year-old is speaking at an event tonight at a location at Somerton.

Left-wing protest groups have vowed to demonstrate outside the event once they find out where it is.

“I do not understand why she should pay because certain protesters might cause a problem outside her talk?” the 3AW Drive host said.

“Why should she have to pay for somebody else’s bad behaviour?

“Lauren Southern has the right to free speech and has a valid visa to come and talk here in Australia.

“As long as she doesn’t break any laws, like inciting violence or racial hatred, then she’s entitled to say her piece.

“If Left wing protest groups and possibly right wing groups want to create a ruckus outside, then police should arrest them and give them a bill for all the extra security.

“It’s a bit too easy to give the speaker the bill when the speaker isn’t the one causing the problems.”

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Tess Dimos, from the campaign against racism and fascism, told Tom Elliott she was on a train with “about 40 people” on their way to the event.

“We are absolutely intending to be a peaceful protest, yes,” she said.

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