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Tom Elliott speaks with controversial Canadian commentator

Controversial right-wing commentator Lauren Southern has laughed off suggestions she’ll be forced to pay a bill from Victoria Police if protests erupt at a speaking event she’s hosting on Friday.

The Canadian, 23, is in Melbourne.

She spoke with Tom Elliott on Thursday.

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Among her controversial opinions, she said it was “obvious” multiculturalism didn’t work and “of course” immigration in Australia should be lower.

Milo Yiannopoulos was sent a hefty bill after violence erupted outside his Kensington event in December

Police Minister Lisa Neville told Tom Elliott last week he still hadn’t paid.

Ms Southern said she wouldn’t be, either, if sent a similar bill.

Left-wing protesters have already warned they’ll be turning up to the event.

“Imagine if an LGBT activist group held a commercial event and they got sent a bill there’d be mass outrage – they’d never do that,” Ms Southern said.

Victoria Police issued a statement to 3AW Drive, saying it was “aware” of a planned event.

Public safety is our number one priority and there will be a strong police presence on the day to ensure the community is safe.

Responding to events and protests forms part of the role police officers undertake on a day-to-day basis.

We are equipped and well-prepared to deploy resources, respond and intervene where needed.

Individuals have the right to lawfully attend events and protest, however we ask that people do so peacefully and respectfully without impact on the rest of the community.

Victoria Police will not tolerate those who break the law or engage in antisocial or violent behaviour.