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Tom Elliott responds to social media sermon from Ben Simmons’ sister

Tom Elliott says he’s “so sick” of claims Australia is a racist country.

It comes after a social media sermon from Liv Simmons, sister of NBA star Ben, following his controversial incident at Crown Casino.

“I’m tired of old white Australian men saying things aren’t racist when they are,” Liv Simmons claimed on Thursday.

Tom Elliott hit back on 3AW Drive.

“Olivia, go and have a look around the world,” he said.

“Go to parts of Africa, Asia, pretty much anywhere else in the world and I can tell you, you will not find a less racist country than Australia.

“It’s not to say there aren’t some racist people here, of course there are, but this country is one of the most welcoming, multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-colourful places you will ever, ever see.

“To say it is racist is a cop out.

“Honestly, I get so sick of people saying Australia is racist.

“Why do some many immigrants want to come here and stay here if it’s such a racist, terrible place?”

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