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Tom Elliott says police chief ‘crossed the line’ with comments on same-sex marriage

Tom Elliott says police commissioner Graham Ashton “crossed a line he shouldn’t have” by expressing a public view on same-sex marriage.

The 3AW Drive host – a supporter of marriage equality – said he was “angry and disappointed” in Victoria’s police chief.

Mr Ashton told Neil Mitchell on Tuesday he thought marriage equality was “probably something that should’ve happened a while ago that we’re still debating.”

It led to several past and present police members contacting 3AW to express their disappointment in Mr Ashton.

Tom Elliott said the police chief was a public servant and therefore should remain impartial when it came to political issues.

“He’s entitled to have a private view on same-sex marriage, just as he’s entitled to vote for the Liberals, or Labor, or the Nationals or One Nation, for all I care – but he shouldn’t be sharing that view with us,” Tom Elliott said.

“Same-sex marriage is – by definition – a political issue now.

“We’re having a plebiscite on it and if it’s yes then it’ll probably end up in the federal parliament and if it’s no, it will not.

“Graham Ashton will have to enforce the law, irrespective of which side gets up.

“He should not be saying Victoria Police has a public view.”

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