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Tom Elliott slams ‘stupid’ protesters after they accosted executive of ‘climate-friendly’ company

Tom Elliott has launched a scathing attack on “stupid” anti-mining protesters after they accosted an executive who runs a company invested in solar panels and electric engines.

There were ugly scenes outside the International Mining and Resources Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, with as many as 50 protesters arrested.

Some are accused of attacking police officers, as well as police horses.

Tom Elliott spoke with the CEO of High Purity Quartz Limited, Stuart Jones, who is heavily invested in the future of solar panels and electric engines.

Yet he was abused and attacked by protesters while trying to enter the conference.

“This bloke is on the cutting edge of where mining and green technology meet and yet, this morning, he was branded a ‘climate criminal’ by some of the protesters,” Tom Elliott said on 3AW.

“Honestly, some of these people are so stupid you just wouldn’t believe it.

“Without mining in this country, we don’t really have much of an economy.

“As much as we might sit here in Melbourne and think we can all make a living just serving each other coffee and doing each other’s hair and that sort of thing, the point is, mining and agriculture, together, are a big driver of this nation’s wealth.”

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Mr Jones told Tom Elliott it was a “little bit hairy” when he arrived at the conference.

He said many protesters didn’t realise what was actually taking place inside.

“There’s a lot of good work being done here for a cleaner, smarter future, which I think we’re all after,” Mr Jones said.

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Tom Elliott went on to have a heated clash with Maz Heart, one of the protesters.

She refused to answer questions about the attack on Mr Jones.

“The mining industry is responsible for genocide, ecocide, for murders, human rights abuses around the world,” she said.

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