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Tom Elliott’s concern at ‘selective’ application of COVID-19 rules

Tom Elliott says he’s concerned there are rules for some and rules for others in Victoria right now.

It comes after it was revealed on 3AW Drive on Friday those responsible for creating a COVID-19 cluster in Melbourne’s south-east would not be fined for breaching Victoria’s strict stay-at-home rules.

Others, who have not spread the coronavirus, continue to be handed fines for similar offences.

“I just don’t like this selective interpretation of the rules,” Tom Elliott said on Monday.

“Imagine playing football and there was one set of rules for one team, and a different set of rules for the other team.

“That’s what it seems like in Victoria at the moment.”

Tom Elliott said migrant communities and Left-wing causes seemed to be given preferential treatment, with anti-government protesters and those critical of Daniel Andrews not given the same leniency.

“It’s not fair,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“You either fine everybody for breaking the rules, or nobody.”

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