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Tragic case of Emma Kent proves we need stronger campaigns on driver distraction: Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell has called for stronger Victoria Police campaigns on the danger of driver distraction, following the sentencing of Emma Kent yesterday.

Ms Kent, 24, was jailed for nine-months after she hit and killed 57-year-old father-of-two cyclist Gareth Davies last year.

Ms Kent trying to connect her phone’s Bluetooth to her car audio when she hit Mr Davies.

“10 seconds distraction, no alcohol, no drugs, no speed, one error,” Neil said.

“This is sad on so many levels.

“Firstly for the man’s family.

“A young woman and her family, she’s not an ice-fueled idiot trying to out-run police.

“I wonder whether this is more of an issue than people doing 63 in a 60 zone yet we flood the streets with speed cameras.”

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Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane told Neil Mitchell that distraction is one of the top five causes of death on Victorian roads.

“If you take your eyes off the road for two seconds you travel 27 metres,” Mr Leane said.

“Emma said she was 10 seconds, so she traveled 270 metres without having awareness.

“It’s one of the five leading causes of death on our roads.”