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Transgender footballer tells Tom Elliott about ‘horrible’ abuse

A transgender footballer who claims she was the victim of “horrible” transphobic comments from an opposition official at the weekend has told Tom Elliott she can’t understand why the AFL still hasn’t come up with a concrete policy.

Emily Rowe, who plays with the St Kilda Sharks in Division 1 of the South Eastern Women’s Football league, spoke with 3AW Drive on Tuesday.

She had come on air to speak about Hannah Mouncey’s potential case against the AFL at the Human Rights Commission, however, soon revealed she’d been verbally abused.

The Sharks played against Mornington on Sunday.

“It was very disappointing,” Rowe said.

“There’s still lots of work to go.

“The club is going to handle it. My club really look after me.”

As for the AFLW policy, Rowe told Tom Elliott she “couldn’t understand” why there was still no clarity.

Mouncey, her friend, is allowed to play in the VFL Women’s league, however, was prevented from playing in the AFLW last season.

“I don’t understand why the AFL hasn’t done anything about it,” Rowe said.

Tom Elliott agreed.

“Look, the AFL has got to do something here,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“You can’t, on one hand, wave your LGBTQI credentials – as the AFL loves to do – and say how diverse and inclusive you are and then, on the other hand, not have a policy.”

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