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‘Until then, SHUT UP!’: Sly takes aim at ‘shiny backsided’ Peter Dutton

Back from holidays, we suspected Sly Of The Underworld might have some forthright thoughts on recent coverage of Victorian crime.

He didn’t disappoint.

You want to do something, Federal Government?
The friggin’.
Until then, SHUT UP!”

Those comments were directed at Peter Dutton and the Home Affairs Minister’s eagerness to insert himself in what Sly called Victoria’s “phony war” against crime.

“You know what — it’s a state matter,” Sly told Ross and John.

“I’d be much more interested in Peter Dutton if he got off his shiny backside and he actually signed the documents that Victoria has been trying to get, which is to licence the product 1,4-Butanediol … which is an industrial solvent sold as a fake GHB.

“19 tonnes have been seized.

“You want to do something, Federal Government? Sign the friggin’ document.

“Until then, SHUT UP!”

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