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‘Very, very bad’: Melbourne family returns home after coronavirus hell

The Melbourne family who contracted coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess has landed back home, telling Neil Mitchell they’re relieved to be home.

Sydenham woman Bianca D’Silva, 21, was the twelfth Australian confirmed to have the virus earlier this month.

She was taken off the ship and isolated in Japan before her parents, Dellone and Suzanne, also fell shortly after.

(Above photo: The D’Silva family with their doctor in Japan before coming home)

Dellone told Neil Mitchell “I’ve never been as sick as I was”.

“It hit me very, very bad,” he said.

“It started with a headache, cold fever, then shortness of breath and then finally went down to me getting pneumonia.”

Dellone’s blood pressure became high and his oxygen levels were low.

But after weeks of medication and monitoring, the D’Silva family is now fully recovered and home in Melbourne.

“I’m feeling much better and very happy to be back home.”

Dellone said their return to Australia was approved “through Canberra”, although Neil Mitchell was surprised to learn they went through no extra checks after flying into Melbourne from Japan.

“We came out pretty quickly,” Dellone said of his airport exit.

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