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Latest COVID-19 numbers: Andrews announces bold new testing regime


Victoria has recorded only one new case of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours as Australia continues to clamp down on the virus.

Today’s tally means Victoria recorded only seven new cases in the past three days, the lowest three-day tally since the outbreak started (the previous best three-day tally was nine cases from April 22-24).

The state’s tally remains at 1349 because one case has been transferred to the NSW tally. The death toll remains at 17.

It was good news nation-wide today, with Australia recording only 10 new cases.

In releasing the figures, Premier Dan Andrews announced a boost to testing and a public call for people to come forward for testing to ensure an easing of restrictions could be considered by May 11.

“From today we are undertaking the biggest ever public health testing process (or) program in our state’s history,” he said.

He said 100,000 tests would be conducted over the next two weeks, nearly doubling the amount of tests thus far.

“These (case) numbers and their stability should be a point of pride for each and every Victorian,” Mr Andrews went on.

“Keep following the rules, get tested.

“That will give us the data … to ease restrictions, potentially.”

April 15:
8 new cases
April 16: 2 new cases
April 17: 1 new case
April 18: 17 new cases
April 19: 9 new cases
April 20: 1 new case
April 21: 7 new cases
April 22: 2 new cases (and 2 cases removed from total)
April 23: 1 new case
April 24: 6 new cases
April 25: 3 new cases
April 26: 3 new cases
April 27: 1 new case

It comes as the government today starts its push for Australians to sign up to COVIDSafe, a phone app that helps trace the disease and could accelerate the lifting of restrictions.

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