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Victorians warned to watch out for convincing scam messages about COVID-19

Victorians have been warned to watch out for fake text messages purporting to be from the state government.

A scam message warning of nearby COVID-19 cases has been circulating.

It is very similar to a real state government text message which was sent out yesterday, and erroneously received by some people outside of the council areas it was intended for.

Cybersecurity expert Nigel Phair warned those who receive the message NOT to click on the link.

“You might be taken to another site … asking for personal information,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It might also download malicious software onto your device.”

Mr Phair urged the state government to stop using text messages as an official means to communicate information, to reduce confusion.

“I think the best way to go is for the Victorian government not to use text messages,” he said.

“This will exponentially grow as you open up and as cafes and everything need to start recording peoples’ details … people are going to be scanning QR Codes.

“People aren’t going to know which ones to believe.”

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