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Victoria’s clever new speed cameras launch today


Speed cameras that can scan six lanes of traffic in each direction and catch multiple motorists in one photo will launch today.

The new mobile cameras will not only scan freeways and major roads, but also suburban rat runs.

Radar technology will measure a vehicle’s speed in intervals and is unaffected by interference from trams, signs or other metal obstructions.

The cameras can operate day and night at up to 2000 sites.

They will detect speeds of up to 350km/h and produce high quality images of vehicles.

Ten of the cameras will be turned on in coming days and more will be deployed in the new year, the Herald Sun reports.

The cameras are part of a massive expansion of Victoria’s road safety camera network as police and government look to stem the soaring road toll, which is 53 deaths higher than last year.

For that reason, the RACV welcomed the new cameras, provided they are placed in sensible locations.

“They should be used in places that are dangerous, not in places for revenue-raising,” Peter Kartsidimas, RACV’s senior transport manager, told Kate and Quarters.

But that doesn’t mean he’s opposed to the cameras appearing on Melbourne’s busiest — and probably most lucrative — roads, like the Monash Freeway.

“Just the other day I was driving along the Monash Freeway and I was surprised by the amount of speeding,” Mr Kartsidimas said.

“I was in the car with my family — I didn’t feel safe. Everyone should feel safe on road.”

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