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Vigil planned to reclaim Princes Park in the wake of Eurydice Dixon’s death

A vigil will be held on Monday night to ‘Reclaim Princes Park’ and pay tribute to comic Eurydice Dixon in the wake of her death.

One of the organisers of the vigil, Pia Cerveri, told Neil Mitchell the event was about paying respect to the 22-year-old who was killed on Tuesday night.

“We decided to hold the vigil and called it a reclaim the park with the purpose of emphasising that the park is public space, and that women are entitled to walk through public space any time of day or night and expect to be kept safe.

“The emphasis is on reclaiming that space.”

She called for greater education for young men.

“What I’m talking about is hope for the future and for the next generation,” Ms Cerveri said.

“I also do think by taking a public stand and reclaiming a public space that the message goes out to anybody out there who currently doesn’t hold the view that women are entitled to be safe let them see that people are serious in the community about taking the space (back).”

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