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WATCH: Bizarre post-siren incident leaves fans bemused

Sydney Swans defender Dane Rampe went dangerously close to costing his side a much-needed win against Essendon on Friday night.

With David Myers lining up from 60m after the siren to win the game, Rampe climbed onto the goal post and began shaking it as the kick was taken.

While Myers’ shot didn’t make the distance and Sydney won by five points, a number of Essendon players can be seen pleading with umpire Andre Gianfagna to enact a little-known rule to hand the Bombers a free kick on the goal line.

AFL laws state players aren’t allowed to intentionally shake a goal or behind post.

Sydney’s second win of the season means they move out of the bottom four while Essendon are left languishing in 13th spot with three wins from eight matches.

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Image: Channel 7