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‘We’re not offering him the most’: GWS Football Director offers an insight into Coniglio’s contract discussions

Stephen Coniglio’s name has been thrown around a lot this week, with talks he could be packing up and heading to Carlton.

Giant’s Football Director, Jimmy Bartel, spoke on Coniglio’s contract on Sunday Sport and assured the panel that a decision is yet to be made.

“We’ve been assured by his manager Tom, he hasn’t made a decision yet,” said Bartel.

“There’s a number of players who would be waiting to see if he stays or goes to further their own contracts.

“He’s a foundation member and has been there since day one, but I’m not overly worried.”

Robbo questioned Bartel on the money GWS have put forward to keep the club star.

“I wouldn’t say the most, but we’re not offering the least,” Bartel said.

“He’s looking at the whole picture, this a life changing decision for him, I’d rather him take his time.”

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