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What concerned Matthew Lloyd most about Jeremy Cameron’s performance

Jeremy Cameron’s effort against West Coast on Sunday has been questioned by Matthew Lloyd and Gerard Healy on Sportsday.

The pair of AFL greats said they could accept a poor game every now and then, but Healy questioned Cameron’s “engagement” with the contest.

“You don’t say that about Dangerfield, or Selwood,” Lloyd said in response.

“If you want to be paid the big bucks, you should never be spoken about ‘not being engaged’ with the game.”

Lloyd said Cameron needed to impact the game in other ways, even when he wasn’t taking marks and kicking goals.

“There was one reason Sheeds would drag me and that is if I didn’t bring the ball to ground,” Lloyd said of his Essendon days under Kevin Sheedy.

“He’d give me maybe one chance.

“He hated defenders marking the ball and not giving your small forwards a chance.

“That’s where I just saw a lack of care and lack of fight in Jeremy Cameron.”

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