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What I most admired about Bob Hawke: Barrie Cassidy remembers his boss

Of everything for which Barrie Cassidy admired Bob Hawke, one trait stands out.

“His no.1 value was that he just abhorred racism,” Cassidy, now one of Australia’s most respected political commentators, told Ross and John about the former Prime Minister for whom he served as press secretary.

“It was instinctive.

“I just so admired the way that he was so genuine in terms of his total detestation for racism.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Ross Stevenson asked Cassidy if Australian politics could ever produce another Bob Hawke.

“I hope so,” he responded.

“The thing about Bob Hawke is that he ran the country.

“He focused on what really mattered and didn’t get involved in all this day-to-day campaigning thing.

“And he allowed others to run the media, rather than thinking that was a job for the Prime Minister.”

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