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What Neil Mitchell thinks should happen to ‘dangerous idiots’ with COVID-19 who refuse to isolate

  • EDIT: Since this editorial was published, the state government has announced new penalties for COVID-19 rule-breakers. Details HERE.

Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions have tightened again, but not everyone is following the rules.

Last week, it was revealed that one-in-four people with COVID-19 weren’t isolating at home when police and ADF officials checked in on them.

Meanwhile, police have caught people gathering at parties, and travelling ridiculous distances for take-away or a coffee.

Premier Daniel Andrews is set to announce tougher penalties for pandemic rule-breakers later today.

Neil Mitchell has some suggestions on what that should look like.

“Everybody who does the right thing is suffering. People are losing their jobs, people are losing their businesses, lives are shattered,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I reckon, if you test positive and still go out … you should be arrested, you should be put into quarantine and you should be charged.

“Introduce a special fine.

“Potentially you should face jail time if you’re a repeat offender.

“At the very, very least serve out your quarantine, at your expense, in a hotel.

“If you deliberately and blatantly break these rules you are not just snubbing your nose at police and Daniel Andrews, you are endangering and insulting every one of us who is suffering with this.”

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